How I got introduced into construction Part 1

It was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. I was on the Island of Puerto Rico working on a farm. Well, lets back up a little bit from there. So there I was, sitting in a classroom in Lexington, Kentucky grinding away at the University. I literally had no idea what I had planned for my future which is why I was studying agricultural economics! The best course I had there was futures markets which is trading crops that you didn’t grow.

Basically to sum it up, lets say you are going to buy some soy. So obviously the supply and demand plays a major factor in your return on investment. Soy is harvested in fall where it is high in supply, driving the price down. Thats when you want to buy. Supply is low in the spring and early summer which the last years harvest is running out. Thats when you want to buy. Anyways, 6 years in agricultural economics and thats what I have to share with you for your financial success. To your success!

After the last grueling months of school I began to look into options for after graduation. I really couldn’t find any job offerings that peaked my interest but I did come across¬†and that definitely peaked my interest.

WWOOF is a program that connects volunteers with farm owners who need extra work but don’t want to pay for it. It really is an amazing service and I jumped at the opportunity when I first came across it online. You can basically go anywhere in the world to work on a farm. I was looking into South America, Central America, and also Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is owned by the United Stated so I thought is would be the easiest entry point for me and there would not be a currency exchange to deal with. Also I figured I could speak english if I needed to get around which proved helpful in San Juan but as I got deeper into the island I came across fewer and fewer english speakers.

After deciding on Puerto Rico for my WWOOF trip, I contacted a few farms for work in exchange of food and shelter with a bucket to excrete waste. This was my dream. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I booked my trip.

Off I went for San Juan in search of reality. Stay tuned for part two!


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