More from the farm


Reminiscing farm life from my previous posts took me on a surreal trip to memory lane to living off grid in the mountains of Puerto Rico. Life was pretty sweet back then, the hard work on the farm added to the value. I’d like to talk about the set up we had out there as most people are not familiar with off-grid living. I mentioned I did some jobs for a plumbing company in Brentwood, TN before I went to the island and wish I had paid more attention to actually setting up a basic kitchen plumbing system. Most of what I did was the grunt work such as prepping supplies and routing out piping areas. ┬áToday a lot of power tools are battery charged such as routers, circular saws, band saws, drills, and so forth. With solar power on the farm, we could have done some serious work with basic power tools, however most of the work we did was with hand tools.

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