How I got introduced to construction Part 3

Finally, we are at the last post to this trilogy. We left off earlier with Reinaldo’s decision for a kitchen remodel, or addition rather than remodel. Prior to this I had not had any building experience but have been on a few construction sites with Brentwood plumbers in the past. Although this was a lot different as we were in the mountains of Puerto Rico with no electricity.

So throughout the  first half of the day I was cutting grass with a machete and composting/mulching the fruit trees with the cut grass for nutrients. This practice not only helped maintain the property but also offered natural fertilizers to the crops. The second half of the day, Reinaldo and I would cut down trees for framing the the addition the his outdoor kitchen. The process was extremely strenuous involving many steps for prepping the logs before dropping them in their designated post holes. Here is the process we undertook: Continue reading “How I got introduced to construction Part 3”